NBC’s ‘The Voice’: Will Cassadee Pope, Terry McDermott succeed after show?

Cassadee PopeWhen you look back at the first two seasons of “The Voice,” there is one glaring problem with the way in which their finales have gone: neither one of the winners (in Javier Colon or Jermaine Paul) have really gone on to do much of anything. Both of these guys had an emotional story of men trying to support their families after trying for many years, but neither had anything that is really working in the world of modern music right now.

But could we see a break in that trend now? As talented as the final three singers are, that is still debatable as to whether or not any of them have the necessary checklist in order to sell albums or have hits on the radio.

Of the three, Cassadee Pope is probably the one with the best chance. If you look back over the past sixty years, female-driven rock music has almost always existed in some shape or form. There is a place for it, and when it comes to her she is benefited by the fact that there is not a pop-rock artist out there right now who does exactly what she does. The problem is that what she does worked a little bit better in 2002, and she needs to show badly during the finale how she would fit in to the modern music world if she wants to be a success on the radio.

As for Terry McDermott and Nicholas David, these two have a very different problem in that neither has really made much of an effort to be current at all, whereas Cassadee has at least performed songs from the past 15 years with regularity. These two guys are throwbacks to either rock or soul music, and most of their songs choices have been some of the great work of classic artists. Both guys could have albums that sell with the right amount of promotion, but they need to do something to extend their platform beyond just the show. This is where coming up with some sort of crazy arrangement comes into play. People are not even watching “The Voice” right now are checking out Cassadee’s “Over You,” and we’re not quite sure they are doing that with either one of these guys’ two songs.

Who do you think of the final three singers, regardless of who wins, has the best chance at becoming a recording star? If you want to look at what the three artists need to do in order to win the show, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: NBC

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