Is MacGyver new tonight on CBS? Is there any hope of season 6?

Is MacGyver new tonight on CBS? What does the future of the show look like? If you’re looking for any answers here at all, we’ve got them for you within!

The first thing that we should do here is rather simple: Note that the show is currently over. Last week’s episode was the series finale and while we may not want that to be the case, there’s no way to change the fact that it is. The show at least ended with Mac and Riley being okay, but it obviously left the door open for a LOT more. Take, for example, the Phoenix Foundation getting more into the private sector. Meanwhile, there were still questions aplenty about the future of Mac’s romantic life.

So is there still any chance at more of this show? Fans are still trying, and we’ve seen everything from petitions to billboard. It’s just going to be a challenge given that CBS (or their Paramount+ streaming service) are the two most suitable homes for the show. We would like to think that CBS would’ve spoke to their streaming arm before canceling the show, but who knows? We don’t know if we see it coming back in time for a season 6 later this year.

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With that being said … never say never, right? MacGyver is the sort of franchise that we can easily see coming up at some other point down the road. It’s important to remember that this show has a large following, and that is in addition to all of the obvious name-recognition that goes along with it. If it surges in popularity down the road, we do still think that another season could end up being on the table. We’ll just have to wait and see what transpires from here!

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Are you going to miss MacGyver, and are you still hoping that the show comes back?

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