Big Brother Canada 9 finale: Was Tychon Carter-Newman the winner?

BBCAN9Entering tonight’s Big Brother Canada 9 finale, we would have proclaimed Tychon Carter-Newman to be the favorite. How could you not? He had a strong alliance, he won multiple competitions, and he also made moves when he had to.

Also, thanks to the finale, we can now say that he made it the entirety of the game without ever being on the block. Isn’t that an incredible achievement? After he won the third part of the final Head of Household Competition, he evicted Tera, meaning that he and Breydon were sitting at the end together at the final two.

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Did Tychon play a perfect game? Hardly. He was cold and brutal sometimes with his back-stabbing, and he proved that he didn’t care at all about getting Beth’s vote. Yet, he played in our mind one of the most successful versions of Big Brother — get a big alliance, don’t win too much too early, and turn on the jets as the game goes along. Be involved in key decisions, but don’t be the person everyone points to. Have some meat shields to throw in front of you when the going gets tough.

Update: Tychon wins!

It was a decisive victory, with the majority of the votes being cast in his favor. The one vote for Breydon came from Tera, which makes sense given that Ty JUST evicted her. It’s hard to get past some of that emotion. Ty gets all of our applause for an exceptional game from start to finish. He’s earned that…

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