‘Dexter’ season 7, episode 12 review: Did Laguerta expose Dexter’s secret?

DexterOn tonight’s season finale of “Dexter” season 7, Dexter visits Hannah in jail and he tells her that he had to put her away because she poisoned Deb, and she says that Deb was trying to keep them apart.  Hannah tells him that she’s not going to tell Dexter’s secret, that she would never do that to him. Hannah suggests that Dexter help get rid of the pen that put her away and they run away together, but Dexter reminds her that they can’t trust each other anymore.

Laguerta shows up to Dexter’s apartment and arrests him for the murder of Hector Estrada.  She brings Dexter down to the office and parades him around telling Angel that she has proof that he’s the Bay Harbor Butcher. Laguerta brings Dexter into the interrogation room and shows him photos of Dexter carrying garbage bags onto his boat saying that there was a shirt found in the dumpster with Estrada’s blood on it. Dexter continues to deny that he isn’t the Bay Harbor butcher, and when Masuka comes in and says that Hector’s shirt was already evidenced from the 70’s when Estrada was first brought in and that there was a partial print discovered and that it was Laguerta’s, Dexter is released and the station thinks that Dexter is being framed by Laguerta.

Laguerta starts to do damage control on the situation and apologizes to Deb. She then starts asking questions about the night Travis Marshall was discovered asking if Deb had been to the church that night with Dexter.  Deb denies it, but when Laguerta reveals a tape from a gas station near the church with a time stamp showing Deb filling gas cans from the pump, Laguerta tries to push Deb into a confession, but Deb isn’t budging. Deb calls Dexter and tells him what happened and he tells her that he’ll take care of Laguerta.

Dexter goes to Laguerta’s house and he finds out that she has a warrant to track his and Deb’s phone records that will prove that they were both at the church the  night it burnt down.  Instead of running Dexter decides to stand his ground and throw his code out the window, he’s going to kill Laguerta.

At Hannah’s hearing Deb shows up and she tells Deb that not only does she knows about Dexter, but she knows that Deb knows too.  Hannah says she doesn’t understand why it’s okay for Dexter to roam free but not her, and calls Deb a hypocrite.  Bail is denied to Hannah and Arlene hands her a pill that she puts in her mouth and swallows as she walks out of the court room.  While being taken back to lock up she suffers a seizure and is taken to the hospital. When no one is looking Hannah takes off – will we see Hannah again or has she taken off to Argentina?

Even though Dexter is under the microscope right now, he still can’t get Hector off of his mind and follows his wife in hopes of finding him.  Dexter finds him and throws him in his trunk.  Later Dexter forces Hector to make a call to Laguerta telling her that he’s alive and that he’s been taken to the shipping yard again. Dexter asks Hector questions about the death of his mother, about how he felt about killing her and he tells Dexter that it was for survival.  As Dexter tries to come to terms with the idea of killing an innocent in Laguerta,  he kills Hector and finally that chapter of his life is closed.

Laguerta arrives at the shipping yard and she finds him dead on a table in a container.  Dexter drugs Laguerta and plans to make things look like a set up of Hector and Laguerta shooting each other in some sort of a showdown.  Deb shows up just before he shoots Laguerta, and she wakes up, begging Deb to shoot Dexter and help her. Dexter puts down his knife and tells Deb that she’s a good person and to do what she has to do.  She shoots Laguerta to protect her and Dexter’s secret and Deb falls to pieces after killing Laguerta – will she be able to live with what’s she’s done?

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Dexter? Do you want Hannah to come back? Do you think Dexter will ever be caught? And what about Deb – now that she’s killed Laguerta will she be forever changed?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you thought of “Dexter” season 7.

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