The Blacklist season 8 episode 15: Is Anne dead, without a doubt?

The BlacklistWhile there are a number of storylines to think about on The Blacklist season 8 episode 15, we want to take some time and discuss Anne. In particular, we want to get into whether or not she actually survived what happened between her and Liz.

On the surface, it feels clear that the answer to this is “no.” After all, Reddington paid a visit to her daughter in order to indicate that she had passed. Not only that, but he was willing to hand over a sizable sum of cash. (She didn’t know who he was, but had heard the story about her getting involved with a criminal mastermind.)

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But is Anne really gone? There are mostly two things that give us cause.

1. We never saw her buried in the ground – She certainly wasn’t in good shape at the end of “Misere,” but we never saw her pronounced dead, nor was there a funeral. We’re just meant to take Reddington at his word — he does not typically lie, but he could be doing so to protect Anne. Or, she is in a coma or some state where she’s in limbo.

2. Reddington saying that Anne “has” a daughter – At first, he spoke about it in past tense before correcting himself in a conversation with Dembe. Could this be him refusing to mentally accept her death? Sure, but there’s also a chance at a larger truth here.

As with all things The Blacklist, we’re sure that we will be talking and sharing theories about it for some time. If she is truly gone, he doesn’t seem to be holding it against Liz all that much — his attitude towards her in “The Russian Knot” is roughly the same as it’s been for a while.

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Do you think that Anne is dead or alive on The Blacklist?

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