Big Brother Canada 9 interview: Beth Bieda on her final five eviction

Beth BiedaLast night on Big Brother Canada 9we saw the eviction of Beth Bieda from the game. She becomes the latest member of the jury, and that gives us one of the most surprising final fours in recent memory. Who would’ve thought that Tychon, Kiefer, Tera, and Breydon would be the last ones standing? Tychon’s the only one who hasn’t been nominated, and of the other three, it seemed like there were times they were all going to be leaving the house. (Heck, Tera actually was evicted during the Fake Double.)

At one point, Beth seemed to be in a dominant spot in the game. She was a part of the Sunsetters alliance and seemingly was well-insulated by Jedson and others within that group. Yet, we do think she got too cocky and, at times, burned people outside the alliance she could have worked with. We also think her own willingness to vote out Jed was proof of how cutthroat she could be — and that makes her dangerous. She was also someone people wanted to take to the end, which limited possible spots for others in the final two.

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In this interview, Beth talks about her sentiment towards evicting Jedson after the fact and how one of her bigger mistakes may have been keeping Kiefer. We also get into the downfall of her relationship with Breydon, why she would vote for Kiefer at the end, and whether she and Jed have a future outside the game. There’s a lot to get into in a short period of time!

Rest assured that there’s a lot of drama left this season, and we’re going to be getting into ALL of it — follow the link here for more Big Brother Canada updates.

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