‘Homeland’ season 2, episode 12 preview: Going beyond the finale

Claire DanesIt only seems like a few weeks ago that “Homeland” season 2 was starting up, and now, we are just mere hours away from the Emmy-winning drama series coming to some sort of official conclusion. Will it be a happy one, or will there be more death? There are all sorts of rumors floating around the internet about all of the main characters and their potential fate leading into the final curtain, but the executive producer behind the show is now coming out and saying one simple thing: don’t believe everything you read or here.

In talking about the rumors concerning what could happen in the finale to CNN, Alex Gansa had the following message to hand down that is more or less just a simple reminder that all questions will be answered soon:

“Rather than corroborate or dismiss any rumors out there, I just encourage people to watch the last installment of the season this year. People have been spoiling episodes and sometimes they are correct but most often they are not.”

Of course, there is a difference between spoiling and speculating, and the latter of which is what we like to do here. After all, who doesn’t want to try and pick apart what will happen to Brody at this point? It feels almost like his back is up against the wall and his life is in the balance, but what will make the finale so surprising is if Gansa finds a way for Damian Lewis’ character to weasel his way out of yet another predicament.

Considering that Gansa would not say much about the finale, though, it pretty much goes without saying that he was also fairly mum on season 3:

“Everyone is going to have to watch the season finale before I start talking the particulars of Season 3 in terms of the narratives and the story, but we will begin filming Season 3 sometime in the third week of May and the show will air in the last week of September 2013. Everyone is going to have to just take a chill pill during our time away.”

What Gansa probably does not realize is that after this finale airs, it will probably take us and a good many other people weeks to finally cool down from its aftermath.

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Photo: Showtime

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