‘Private Practice’ season 6 spoilers: The triplets drama returns

Private PracticeAs magnificent as Tuesday night’s “Private Practice” season 6 episode was revolving largely around Sheldon, there is obviously still a rather large elephant in the room that everyone is waiting for an answer about: just what exactly is going to happen to Charlotte’s beloved triplets. One of them was born well before its time, while the other two are still inside of the womb and could feasibly stay put there for a while.

The preview for Tuesday night’s “Georgia on My Mind” (which is also the last episode of the show for 2012) is rather sad, in particular because Charlotte is having to look at the possibility that she will lose one of her children before she even really has an opportunity to say hello. We know that the initial operation was largely successful, but there is a still a rather lengthy recovery process coming up. With the child obviously being at such a young age, it is still a time in which anything can happen.

As for whether or not Charlotte welcomes her other two children during the hour, this is largely going to depend on just how the writers choose to arrange the chronology here. If they jump forward in time by a short amount of time, it is possible that she could go back into labor at that time and welcome the other children. Or, it is also feasible that the birth, like with the first child, could happen a little bit earlier than expected. Either way, it is looking like we are in for plenty of excitement (though not necessarily of the fun kind).

What do you think about this promo, and when do you think Charlotte’s triplets tale will be complete? If you want to find out some details about the upcoming series finale, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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