‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2 spoilers: A face returns to the show

"Once Upon a Time" - CastIsn’t it always nice to see a returning face in the world of “Once Upon a Time”? One of the luxuries of having a show with such a large cast is that it does afford you a number of opportunities to bring back people from time to time when the story calls for it … and based on what we have seen on the show thus far, the story definitely calls for it here.

We’re not going to say just who the person is just yet to not anger the powers-at-be (and to keep things a little bit of a surprise), but how about a few well-placed hints. This person is someone who we have seen in more than one episode of the hit ABC show so far in season 2, and they are also someone who we have yet to actually see in Storybrooke proper. We have a feeling that a good many people will be excited to see them back among the show’s fanbase, because they are in some ways a missing link to a lot of open-ended questions out there currently about the show.

As for the returning faces we can tell you about, Archie will have a large role in the show’s first episode back on the air in 2013 on January 6, and we will also be having an opportunity to see plenty more of Dr. Whale, as well. Some past recurring players we are still waiting to see more of this year include Jefferson, who at least had a few episodes to shine in earlier this fall, and also Sidney, who may not be back for a while still thanks to Giancarlo Esposito’s “Revolution” commitments.

Who do you want to see coming back to the show at some point this season? If you want to find out more details on “The Cricket Game,” you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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