Big Brother Canada 9 live feed spoilers: Veto Ceremony DRAMA (day 52)

Tera Gillen-PetrozziToday’s Veto Ceremony has come and gone within the Big Brother Canada 9 house, and this may cap off the wackiest week of gameplay we’ve seen in the house.

Here’s the main thing we’re wondering: Other than Tychon, is anyone actually doing a great job in the house? He’s literally the only person worthy of credit right now. Jedson won the Veto, and yet, he decided to use it on Beth. This would be a historic blunder most of the time, but him doing this ensured that Breydon went up on the block. If he had used it on himself, he’d be going against the plan with Tera and Tychon would’ve likely been the replacement nominee. Tera is a mess for even suggesting this, and Jed is a mess for thinking about doing this. Beth’s paranoia and frustration towards Tera was bad over the past few days, and Kiefer and Breydon both played far too passive this week. Rather than seizing control of the game or trying something, they were fine to let things play out. Tychon did at least enough to snow people into thinking this was a good idea.

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Now, much of the future of the week falls on Ty, Beth, and Kiefer. Will two of them really be interested in taking out Jed? If they are, then all of a sudden Tera’s move is justified. It just seems like a LOT to think they’ll do this. Kiefer has been with the guys all game, and Ty has to know that Jed going means he’s a bigger target. Beth, ironically, is the one we have the most faith in — taking out her showmance looks great on her resume and gets rid of that dumb narrative that Jed is running the show.

Odds are, though, Breydon gets evicted and Tera, who is already regretting her decision, is going to eat a TON of crow after the fact.

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