Is Colby Minifie leaving Fear the Walking Dead? Is Virginia dead?

VirginiaIs Colby Minifie leaving Fear the Walking Dead following the events of this weekend’s episode? Is Virginia really gone for good?

In a way, the death of Virginia is something that we should have seen coming from the very beginning. She was set up to the Big Bad from the start of the season, but what always made her compelling was that she never fashioned herself a villain. She thought she was a leader, capable of building what no one else could and okay to make some of the hard, painful choices.

However, Virginia had a clear blind spot in the form of Dakota, and that ended up being a part of her undoing. Morgan was willing to let her live even in spite of everything she’d done; he recognized that the vision of the late John Dorie was not violence. Morgan shouldn’t be kicking off a new community with more bloodshed. Because of that, he let Virginia live and there was a different punishment laid out instead: Banishment.

The unfortunate thing for Virginia is that not everyone else was fully on-board with this idea. Instead, we saw in the closing minutes June come in and kill the character as revenge for Dakota killing John. She placed the blame firmly on Virginia for choosing to ignore what Dakota was truly capable of. She gets to have her vengeance, though the irony here is in doing so, she’s also dishonored the wishes of the late love of her life.

It’s hard to envision Virginia surviving this and with that, we have to imagine that Minifie is done with this show. If you do love her work, remember that she is a big part of The Boys over on Amazon. Comparing this role to what she’s done over there is as big of a test of her versatility as you are ever going to find.

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