Snowfall season 4 finale: Who are the most likely characters to die?

Snowfall season 4As we prepare for the Snowfall season 4 finale to arrive on FX this coming Wednesday, let’s talk a little bit about death. It’s fair to say that we don’t want any character on this show to go, but at the same time, it feels like it’s inevitable they will. We just lost Manboy on this past episode; heck, he was one of three important deaths that happened! This show wouldn’t be what it is if there was no trail of dead bodies; go ahead and prepare for the worst.

With that very idea in mind, why not share some of the top candidates to die in the finale below? These are a few names that could be dancing somewhere in your mind…

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Alton – This one has to be at the top of the list. We already know that Teddy wants him gone, and he could easily try to make Franklin do it instead. Would Franklin do it without even being asked? It’s hard to say, but at this point, can you really rule anything out? Alton’s just causing trouble for a LOT of people.

Cissy – Another scenario, as tragic to imagine it as it is, is that Franklin’s mom gets caught in the crossfire and with that, causes an even deeper divide to form between mother and son.

Skully – Since we already lost Manboy, doesn’t it make sense to lose the other ringleader, too? This would set up Franklin in a position to control Los Angeles like never before, and introduce new threats for the already-announced season 5.

Teddy – While a longshot given that he is at the center of Franklin’s drug trade, could Alton take him out? Could another character jump in to replace him? We do at least know that a lot of people out there want him dead…

Leon – This would be the most shocking of any of these deaths and while unlikely, we could see someone trying as a way to really hurt Franklin. They’ve had their differences, but no doubt that is a lot of love here. We think he’s too essential to die right now.

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Who do you think is the most likely to die on the Snowfall season 4 finale?

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