The Blacklist season 8 episode 13: Did Anne betray Reddington?

Blacklist season 5 teaserThrough the entire opening of The Blacklist season 8 episode 13, we had one simple thought enter our mind: Things were gonna go bad. It was mostly a matter of when.

When Raymond Reddington made the decision to get closer to Anne Foster, he did so knowing full well that he could put her in danger. However, he loved her. He saw in her something that he hadn’t had in decades: A real escape from the world. That’s why he paid her a visit on five different occasions, even if doing so was an extremely reckless.

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Everything that happened in a way was predictable, but also incredibly exciting: Townsend ended up showing up with Kansas with his men, and soon after that Reddington needed an escape plan. Soon after, he and Anne found themselves holed up in the police station while Townsend’s crew ended up commencing a full-on assault.

The good news? Reddington did survive, and so did Anne! The problem is that Anne’s friend / cop Lois decided that she still wanted to arrest him. We knew that there’d be another big twist coming before the end of the episode; the real question is what that twist would be. Lois eventually did allow Reddington to go, but it was because Anne stoop in front of him! She risked her life to save him, and then helped him to escape in the end. She also was still willing to be with him despite all of the craziness.

Was Anne a traitor working for Liz? Thankfully, no. She was just a normal person who fell in love with a dangerous guy. Reddington also clearly fell in love with her — that’s why he went back, only to find Liz pointing a gun at her. She’s back!

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