Joan Rivers insults Justin Bieber again, Twitter explodes

Joan RiversIf you went on Twitter Saturday and realized that Joan Rivers was the #1 Trending Topic, you probably asked yourself all sorts of questions. No, there is not some sort of hoax being played about her death (which has been done a million times before with a variety of other celebrities); rather, the “Fashion Police” host and former “Celebrity Apprentice” winner is instead under fire yet again from Justin Bieber fans over a new “joke” that she posted on her Twitter account this week.

Rivers’ joke is in reference to a man who is suspected of trying to orchestrate a plan to kill Justin Bieber while behind bars, a plot that was stopped by authorities across America long before it ever came to fruition:

“Last week, police foiled a plot to kidnap and castrate Justin Bieber. I don’t see the big deal – his balls haven’t dropped yet.”

Is the comment mean-spirited? Sure, but this is Joan Rivers’ comedy: trying to belittle and humiliate other people for laughs. This is the way she’s always been, and comments from Bieber fans are not going to change that at all. She’s obviously doing it for attention (this article is proof that it is working), and there is a simple solution to anyone who is offended: don’t read her tweets. People who appreciate her comedy follow her online, and there is nothing that she is doing here that is against the law. You’re really just better off ignoring it than causing a massive stir.

Have you ever found these sort of comments from Joan on Twitter (or on her E! talk show) to be funny, or do you just think that these sort of jokes, in particular a day after so many young children were killed, to be in bad taste? We want to hear from you below! If you want to see some more TV controversy surrounding Bieber, you can do so over here.

Photo: E!


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