‘Homeland’ season 2 finale spoilers: Carrie’s fireside chat in episode 12

HomelandRemember the famous cabin on “Homeland”? Well, it appears as though it is coming back for Sunday night’s season 2 finale, and there are plenty of other interesting developments to go along with it.

The most striking part about the new sneak peek for the episode (entitled “The Choice”) below is just how naive Brody comes across as being. He says that he would love to have a clean slate possibly as a builder … but does he really think that he can just disappear into the world after all he has done? From a legal standpoint, the CIA knows that this is a man who at one point strapped on a suicide vest; therefore, he can never fully be trusted. Even from a political standpoint, it’s hard for anyone to suddenly forget about a man who was at one point not only a Congressman, but also a potential Vice-Presidential candidate before Walden’s death (which Brody was a part of, though only Carrie knows).

There is also one other part of this equation that we left out above: the personal and emotional standpoint. Brody just can’t get away from his kids forever, and while Carrie loves him now, will it stay that way? It’s overly optimistic to think that the two will have a happy ending given that they barely know each other in the confines of an everyday life, and they may not even get that far considering that Quinn is still lurking around out there, possibly waiting to shoot Brody in the head.

Just in case you are wondering why Claire Danes’ baby bump is so prominently present in the clip, the simple answer is that the editors are not done just yet when it comes to crafting the visuals for this episode that are ideal for them. (They have worked around Danes’ pregnancy in post-production all season long, rather than writing the story in.)

What do you think that the future really holds for Carrie and Brody? If you want to watch a great new video featuring Mandy Patinkin on “The Colbert Report,” you can do so over here.

Photo: Showtime, video via SpoilerTV

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