Big Brother Canada 9 live feed spoilers: Is Tina or Kiefer going to jury?

Tina ThistleFor much of Big Brother Canada 9we have seen situations unfold where the person named the target at the Veto Ceremony is the person who goes. Yet, this week that may not actually be the case.

Despite it appearing during the end of tonight’s episode that Kiefer was the likely target, it appears instead we’ve got a genuine flip on our hands. Because Kiefer has professed so much loyalty to Jedson and Tychon over time, they’ve started to realize that it makes more sense to keep him and get rid of Tina. She’s in a duo with Tera, and they do see some value in getting her out at this point. Does that make sense? Sure, but Tina hasn’t won anything all season. Meanwhile, Kiefer’s won a ton and eventually, you are going to have to compete with him.

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From our vantage point, we’d get out the larger threat when the opportunity is there, especially since he could get some votes from the jury. We’re not sure that Tina will have as great of an argument — she was at her best earlier in the season and has been quieter ever since.

With Kiefer seemingly re-aligning with the guys and Beth, both Tera and Breydon recognize they’re on the outs and desperately need to win something to save their game. Everyone seemingly knows that Tina is going and with that, they are planning accordingly. Tina has tried to campaign, but it hasn’t gone over well — in particular, Beth was offended by the notion that she should leave the guys to avoid perception they are carrying her. She does have a point — she got rid of a big player in Victoria, and also build a good outside bond with Breydon. If she cuts one of the guys close to the end, she’s got a good case to win.

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