‘Dexter’ season 7 finale spoilers: What could Hannah be up to now?

Yvonne Strahovski - "Dexter"There are some dark times coming on Sunday night’s “Dexter” season 7 finale, and there are really so many reasons why. Not only is Captain LaGuerta now completely on the hunt for Dexter after the Hector Estrada fiasco, but there is also the potential of Hannah McKay doing something rather dangerous to him or his sister Deb. After all, there is one line upon her arrest that causes all sorts of ambiguity moving forward: “you should’ve killed me.”

So what Hannah trying to threaten Dexter about what could be happening to him, or was she trying instead to just say that she does not want to be alive? Michael C. Hall does not have an answer in an interview with TV Guide, but he does explain part of what made the performance of Yvonne Strahovski in that moment so brilliant:

“I like that that line can be interpreted in both ways, especially in the way Yvonne played it. ‘You should’ve killed me because I’m going to do you in,’ or ‘You should’ve killed me because I’d rather be dead.’ He doesn’t know for sure what she means.”

Hall also says to anticipate there being some sort of movement in the Estrada case, as Dexter is going to be hot on the hunt for him now that the man knows who he is. Of course, he has to do with with the knowledge that LaGuerta is also likely hunting him down, and this makes matters messier for him than they have ever been before. How much does LaGuerta really know? Did she see Dexter approach Estrada for the first time, or were they just following him later on? Regardless, we know for sure that Dexter is going to have to exercise caution in a pretty big way.

If you want to see what Hall has to say about a major cliffhanger coming up in the finale, you can do so over at the link here.

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