‘Game of Thrones’ season 3 spoilers: Have you ever seen the rain?

Game of ThronesWhile there may not be too much breaking in the “Game of Thrones” universe at the moment (save for a completely egregious snub at the Golden Globes), we do at least have some welcome news to share when it comes to the latest production details for season 3. The show is still hard at work in post-production, and the author of the Making of Game of Thrones blog in Cat Taylor has just shared some brand-new details about one of the more simple visual effects that is always interesting to see on the small screen: the rain:

“For rain, the SFX team uses the same type of pumps the fire department has on its trucks. If possible, they connect to hydrants or pull from rivers, if we are close enough. If we aren’t, they have huge 20,000-liter dams to hold water. For big rain (like with Arya in Harrenhall’s courtyard, or over the battle in the Blackwater scenes) they uses a spinner on a crane about 100 feet in the air. The water pressure spins the head in a huge circle of rain, maybe 30 meters across, and they put four of those on the crane at once.”

This is not the only subject pertaining to effects that Taylor discusses, as she also goes into details about smoke and pyrotechnics, two other things that play an extremely important role in giving Westeros the look and feel it so desperately needs in order for this show to be successful as a whole.

“Game of Thrones” season 3 will premiere on HBO March 31, but before that happens you can expect a number of other details to slowly and surely hit the internet. However, it is not likely that we will be seeing any more actual footage from episodes until at some point early next year.

With that in mind, we really have nothing else to do beyond just waiting … and of course checking out some videos featuring some cast members such as Emilia Clarke.

Photo: HBO

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