The Blacklist season 8 theory: Are Liz Keen, Reddington working together?

The BlacklistWhile we wait for The Blacklist season 8 to return with new episodes, why not dive into a new theory discussion?

For the sake of this one, let’s put some of the focus in part on Elizabeth Keen — which is somewhat ironic, given that she hasn’t exactly been part of the show as of late. Evidence does tilt in the direction of her returning soon, but what has she been doing in her time away?

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On the surface, it does appear as though Liz is plotting Reddington’s demise, doing whatever she can to kill James Spader’s character … but not before destroying what’s left of his empire. She’s finding allies, pairing up with Neville Townsend, and bracing herself for whatever the future throws at her.

But, what if Liz isn’t quite doing this at all? What if she’s got another plan she’s working through behind the scenes here? There is an interesting theory that perhaps, Liz and Reddington are somehow still working in cahoots with each other, and this entire plan has been a setup from the start. We understand why this theory is out there, but there are some serious holes. Why go to the extent that they have? Why would Liz work so hard to disappear? We know it’s one thing to “sell” an act, but they’ve taken it to another level.

We do think that there’s a chance Reddington and Liz do work together again someday, but our more likely solution is this: The two find a way to collaborate after Liz somehow learns a part of the truth in her time away. Maybe she realizes that Reddington was right about some things, and the two end up joining forces to stop Neville Townsend. That feels far more likely than anything at this point.

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