Is Jeffrey Dean Morgan leaving The Walking Dead? Is Negan gone?

The Walking Dead - NeganIs Jeffrey Dean Morgan leaving The Walking Dead following the events of season 10 episode 22? If you ask this question, we certainly understand.

What happened over the course of the big episode? “Here’s Negan” proved to be a great dive into the title character’s backstory, whether it be the death of his wife Lucille and how he eventually became the ruthless leader of the Saviors. Meanwhile, we also saw Maggie decide that she could coexist with him, only for Carol to then make it clear that he was getting banished. After what Negan did in regards to Alpha, it may still not matter when the dust settles!

This twist does set up a little bit of uncertainty when it comes to Negan’s future, but it hardly means that Morgan is leaving the show. As a matter of fact, in the AMC+ discussion after the episode, showrunner Angela Kang noted that one of the big stories they are looking to explore now is who Negan becomes. Has he been living the way that Lucille would have wanted? Revenge was a motive of his for so long; can he now shift into making the world better? We’ve long said that we don’t know if the character is worthy of redemption after all he’s done, but that does not render him incapable of helping others or being valuable. There is more that he can offer, and at this point, he does have a skill set that is fully unique.

Regardless of what Carol wants, we have a hard time thinking that the story for Maggie and Negan is over. Odds are, the two of them are going to have discussions aplenty once we get around to season 11. Morgan’s not going anywhere, unless of course the writers deliver some enormous shock on us that we can’t see coming.

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