The Blacklist season 8: Is the Anne – Elizabeth Keen theory debunked?

The BlacklistIn just under two weeks’ time as of this writing, The Blacklist season 8 is going to be returning with a new episode entitled “Anne.” This could prove to be a very emotional episode for one Raymond Reddington, as the character does his best to answer a key question: Can he really live in two different worlds at the same exact time?

We’ve come to know during this episode that he has a certain affection for Anne, a woman he first met while she was watching birds. He cares for her, and it seems like he’s going to be visited her on April 16. Yet, is Anne really what she seems?

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Over the past several weeks we’ve heard a lot of different theories out there about Anne, with one of the biggest ones being that she is some sort of top-secret plant by Liz Keen to infiltrate Reddington’s life. This theory makes a whole lot of sense, mostly because Megan Boone’s character would like to keep tabs on the guy while she was away. Also, this is the sort of twist that The Blacklist loves to bring to the table. That’s why personally, we almost hope that this is not what they are doing. We actually prefer the idea of Anne as some normal person who gets mixed up in a world way over her head.

Thanks to the newly-released promo for “Anne,” we are starting to think that the Liz Keen – spy theories are totally debunked. Why? Because Neville Townsend and some of his men are ambushing her home, potentially to kill both her and Reddington. If Anne was some sort of plant, why would Townsend go after her? She could be a casualty of his demented war, but we do think Liz would do what she can to stop him.

Is it possible that there’s a larger twist here? Sure, but we hope The Blacklist remembers that not everyone needs to be a spy. Sometimes, it’s okay if things are just exactly what they appear to be.

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What do you think is going to happen with Anne on The Blacklist season 8?

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