Blue Bloods season 11 episode 10 sneak peek: Erin & the Governor meet

Blue Bloods season 11

Friday night’s Blue Bloods season 11 episode 10 is right around the corner — and yes, there are reasons for excitement. Take, for example, the idea that Erin is getting one of her best stories in quite some time.

For some further evidence of this very thing, all you have to do is look at the sneak peek! In this, Bridget Moynahan’s character is spending some time with Governor Mendez as the two try to sort thing a difficult arrangement. Per the synopsis for “The Common Good,” “Frank asks Erin to liaise between him and NY Governor Mendez regarding policy reform he privately backs, but can’t publicly support, because it goes against police rank and file.” Unfortunately, this preview suggests that things are not going so well for Erin in the slightest.

Governor Mendez is not the sort of person who wants to play by Erin’s rules. There are major trust issues here, as she repeatedly questions him as to whether or not their conversation is being recorded. He denies it, but he repeatedly reminds her that he holds much of the power in this conversation. This guy totally feels like the sort who wants to remind people that he’s Governor at each and every opportunity, just to flex some of his muscles.

As much as he may irritate us, though, we’re glad that Mendez is a formidable opponent. Blue Bloods is a show about conflict and all of the different ways that it can be resolved. If the Reagans did not face off against some worthy opponents, we’d be looking at a show that is far more boring as a whole. The more drama that they throw in our direction with fantastic foes front and center, the better off the series is going to be.

What do you most want to see on Blue Bloods season 11 episode 10?

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This article was written by Jess Carter.

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