‘Dexter’ season 7 finale: Michael C. Hall jokes about possible death on ‘Conan’

DexterAs a way to help promote the upcoming season 7 finale of “Dexter” airing on Showtime Sunday night, Michael C. Hall decided to stop by “Conan” on Wednesday to give what was both a pretty funny and honest chat about anything and everything pertaining to the show.

Not only that, but Hall (who has become a little less publicity-shy in the past year) also took advantage of the opportunity to talk here for a few minutes about what is probably going to become a key question during the show’s eighth and presumably final season: is there any way that Dexter gets out of all this alive? In the event that Dexter does die, the actor claimed that he wants to see it happen in a “funny” way, such as that he gets run over by a buss right after the police fail to keep him behind bars. (As Conan said as a response, though, there’s no way that the producers are going to be willing to go through with this.) Hall also said that he wouldn’t mind seeing the final season being twelve different ways that Dexter could end up dying.

Most of the other topics during the interview are pretty silly, as the two discuss everything from the run of the show to whether or not it is a primer on how to actually be a successful serial killer. Hall also claims that the way Dexter stays in shape after working long hours and eating whatever he wants is by spontaneously turning into smoke and/or becoming invisible. (Right…)

What do you think about this interview, and do you find some of Michael’s responses funny? If you want to read some more specific spoilers courtesy of the latest sneak peek from the episode, you can do so here.

Photo: Showtime

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