‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: Good news for Heather Morris, Naya Rivera fans

BrittanaIf you have been waiting to get your Brittana hearts beating a little faster while watching “Glee” season 4, we have some good news for you: one of the show’s most-popular couples will have some scenes together at some point pretty early on in the new year (which should hopefully help to wipe away some of the nervous feelings from Brittany’s “lesbian blogger” speech last week).

As a part of a new chat on Twitter with fans, executive producer Ryan Murphy confirmed that the thirteenth episode of “Glee,” which currently has the title of “Diva,” is going to present plenty of opportunities for the show’s former couple to spend time together. Is this the same time that we are going to see Quinn and Santana in New York City? We don’t quite know that just yet, but this episode will for sure feature two-thirds of the Unholy Trinity (the ones involves romantically) spending a little bit more time together.

Of course, whether or not Brittany and Santana ever get romantically involved with each other again is going to be completely dependent on whether or not Brittany’s relationship with Sam turns into something serious. We know that there are plans for the two to get “married” prior to the end of the world in Thursday night’s “Glee, Actually” episode, but given the history of weddings between most of our characters here (largely in how they never work out), we don’t think Brittana fans have really any reason to worry about these two parties actually trading vows.

Just in case you are looking for some added scoop, the twelfth episode of the season airing right before this one is going to be entitled “Naked,” which we are guessing probably has something to do with Rachel having to do something that involves performing on stage wearing next to nothing. (Hey, this is theater.)

If you want to catch another “Glee, Actually” sneak peek, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: Fox

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