‘The X Factor’ USA preview: Could Fifth Harmony surge lead to Emblem3 surprise?

LylasIn the introductory package to Wednesday night’s new episode of “The X Factor” USA, we saw Britney Spears suggest that there was really only room for one group to make it into the finale; but is it really going to be the group that everyone expected?

Since the live shows ended Wednesday, we admit that we’ve listened to “Anything Can Happen” by Fifth Harmony at least two or three extra times, and it is by far at the moment our favorite performance of the entire season (at least of the live shows, since Lyric 145’s “Party in the USA” from the judges’ houses round has to be considered in here, as well). It was fun, it was playful, and it showed that there is so much more potential here than almost any of us initially thought.

We’ll be honest and say that at one point during the competition, we were fairly willing to write off this group courtesy of our belief that what they were doing really was not that innovative or interesting. However, they have to be taken at least a little bit more seriously now and not just the destined fourth-place finishers. Sadly for Simon Cowell, if they are likely to pass anyone, ie will be Emblem3. Some viewers were a little miffed about the group being compared to the Beatles, and the fan bases for Tate Stevens and Carly Rose Sonenclar (who both sort of went sideways rather than raising their game) are just so large that a couple of performances may not doom them.

We’re actually going to go out on a limb here and predict that tonight, Fifth Harmony survives, and it is actually Emblem3 who is sent home from the competition.

Who do you think is likely to leave? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and you can read our full “X Factor” USA interview over at the link here.

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