The Blacklist season 8: Is Megan Boone’s Liz the Big Bad anymore?

The BlacklistWe’re in the midst of a hiatus when it comes to The Blacklist season 8, and of course that leads to all sorts of questions. Take, for example, where things are with the status of the season’s central villain.

Ever since the events of “16 Ounces,” what we’ve seen by and large is that Liz is the central adversary to Raymond Reddington. In a lot of ways, she still is. She wants him dead! Not only that, but she’s willing to do everything that she can in order to take him out! We’ve seen most of her moves today serve as a means to an end, and that includes roping in Neville Townsend.

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So will Townsend eventually supplant Liz as the Big Bad? We can’t help but wonder this. For starters, we’ve already seen signs of instability with him. He’s been bent on revenge for decades and he’s sadistic with his methods. Liz is a little more methodical, and we still aren’t giving up that she can be flipped back. Remember that Reddington doesn’t want her dead, and we have to think that he is aware of a truth that clears his name. He just can’t tell Liz about it for whatever reason.

Will Liz discover the truth on her own? That may be his best hope at the moment — we don’t think he ever planned any of this to happen, but he needs some sort of Hail Mary at this point. We still don’t know why he hasn’t just told Liz the truth, if there is a truth that she could understand. At the very least, doesn’t she still trust Dembe?

What we’re hoping to see is Reddington and Liz come together again before the end of the season — but even after that, we still think that Townsend could be after him. Since there’s another season after this one, we expect Liz to be around for a while. The Neville part of it feels like what could burn out and burn out fast.

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Do you think that Liz is the Big Bad now on The Blacklist season 8, or is it Townsend?

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