Big Brother Canada 9 live feed spoilers: Is a blindside coming?

Jedson TavernierShould you be prepared for a blindside in the Big Brother Canada 9 house tonight? It may not happen, but we’re at least optimistic.

For now, here is where things stand — Latoya seems to be the most-likely person to be evicted based on where things stood this morning. The vote will likely be 6-3, with Jedson, Tychon, and Beth all voted to evict Kiefer and everyone else voting to evict Latoya. This couldn’t be a bigger mess for the once-seemingly-dominant Sunsetters alliance. Tina’s already largely turned on them, and with Jed, Ty, and Beth voting to evict Kiefer, he’ll likely be done with them as well.

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To add to all of this, Victoria has been working to try and claim that Beth is responsible for an attempt to flip the house against Latoya. She wants Jedson and Tychon to be blindsided, but also wants someone else to blame for it. She’s done a great job with some of her moves this week, but cluing them in to this idea seems to be a bit much. Beth’s probably voting with them and there’s no reason for the guys to buy into this. The biggest thing Victoria needs to hope for is the guys losing Head of Household tonight. Her HoH reign was high-risk/high-reward in that she gets out a solid player, but she puts a much bigger target on herself. While Kyle and Rohan are still out there, Jed and Ty are going to be hurt over the move and they may want revenge.

While we think the two will be surprised by what happens tonight, they could figure everything out before the eviction actually happens. Remember that we do still have a long ways to go here…

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