‘Elementary’ preview: Will Watson become Holmes’ apprentice?

ElementaryOn this week’s episode of “Elementary” called “The Leviathan” we will have a chance not only to meet Watson’s family, but we will also see how Holmes interacts with them when they start to give Watson grief over her choice to become a sober companion.  We’ve already seen Holmes and Watson’s friendship growing closer in the past few weeks and on Thursday’s episode the pair will become even closer when he stands up to Watson’s family and defends her job.

With Watson’s time as Holmes’ sober companion coming to an end soon, fans are wondering how the masterminds behind the show plan on keeping them together.  It has been teased that on the 12th episode of the show this very issue will come to a head and now we have a bit more information on how this might go down.  On the January 3rd episode of “Elementary” Holmes will offer Watson an apprenticeship with him since she has shown that her investigation skills are quite adept.  Will she accept his offer or will it be time for her to move onto another case and be someone else’s sober companion?

If Watson doesn’t accept Holmes’ offer to apprentice with him, they will obviously have another solution to the problem since Holmes without Watson doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it’s interesting that Holmes will defend her choice to be a sober companion to her family and then try to talk her into doing something completely different with her career a week or two later.  Obviously his time with Watson has meant more to him then he’s let on and he is enjoying the friendship.

Do you like the idea of Watson becoming Holmes’ apprentice or do you like it better when Watson has some sort of control over Holmes?  leave us a comment and tell us what you would like to see happen between them.

Photo: CBS

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