Is Mark Harmon leaving NCIS after season 18 episode 10? Is Gibbs gone?

Mark HarmonIs Mark Harmon leaving NCIS? We know full well that this is a question that many have asked before. The vast majority of the time, though, this question is posed by media outlets desperate for attention while conjuring up fake rumors and other assorted nonsense. Very rarely does the question have any actual weight to it.

However, the situation is a tad different following Tuesday night’s season 18 episode 10 — it’s clear that the writers actually want you to be thinking about this.

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What happened? Early on in the episode, Agent Gibbs found himself arrested after assaulting a then-suspect in the field. His motivation was that of rage — his intuition that this man was an dog-killer turned out to be right, and he was acting solely on the anger of the thought. He recognized that he would be arrested and charged, and even told the team not to lie for him. Yet, they did anyway.

Ultimately, Gibbs was able to avoid charges after Bishop, Torres, and McGee found proof of the man’s beyond-heinous actions, and it just so turned out that the investigator who arrested Gibbs was a dog lover himself. Yet, Vance couldn’t just let Gibbs off the hook. He wanted Jethro to issue an apology or express remorse for his actions, but he did neither. All he did instead was adopt Lucy, the mistreated dog Kasie was taking care of during the episode. This is when Vance had no choice but to suspend him indefinitely, and also take his gun and badge.

While it’s clear that Gibbs could be leaving the team for a little while at least, this is no proof that Harmon is leaving. As a matter of fact, we personally believe he’ll be around for at least the rest of the season if not longer, provided that the show is renewed. We of course know that NCIS is at its best when Gibbs is out there solving crimes, but the writers can’t just overlook what happened here. There needs to be real consequences for his actions, so we will see precisely how things play out. Fingers crossed he’s grabbing his gear and getting out into the field soon.

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