‘Ink Master’ season 2, episode 11 review: Sarah Miller shines with portraits

Sarah MillerOn tonight’s episode of “Ink Master” season 2, the final 5 artists were brought down for the flash challenge where they were told that they were going to be tested on precision and that they were going to be doing mini tattoos. The artists went toe to toe with Oliver (who is a master at mini tattoos) and are told to tattoo the Jagermeister logo which either has to be the same size of Oliver’s tattoo or smaller.  Even though the artists have an extra 30 minutes then Oliver had, some of the artists really struggled with it. The judges were really impressed with Jessie and Steve, but the winner of the flash challenge went to Steve giving him the power to assign all the human canvases in the elimination tattoo.

At the elimination tattoo challenge, Steve, Sebastian, Jessie , Tatu Baby and Sarah are tested on precision, but this time they are tattooing portraits. The guest judge this week is Bob Tyrrell and what was interesting about  him was that he didn’t get his first tattoo until his 30th birthday (but had been tattooing for years before that) – something that Jamie was penalized for just last week. When Jessie hears that the challenge is portraits he gets very nervous because he is a new school artist and the other four remaining contestants are all portrait artists. Even though Steve had the advantage to assign all of the canvases, he decided to leave it up to fate and gave out the golden skulls without looking at who got what (except for himself of course).

Sarah gets a canvas that wants her portrait in color, even though the guest judge is a black and grey portrait master.  She struggles to decide whether or not she should give the canvas what she wants, which is a color portrait, or keep it black and grey. Sarah asks the canvas if she can do black and grey and they give Sarah the go ahead.  Jessie’s client is very nervous about his tattoo after seeing that Jessie only does new school art, but Jessie tries to reassure him that he will do his best, unfortunately Jessie struggled through the entire tattoo.

At the judging panel they loved Steve, Tatu Baby and Sarah’s tattoos, but Jessie and Sebastian ended up at the bottom of the pack and while Jessie took his lumps from the judges, Sebastian got a little aggressive with Chris over his tattoo choices. In the end Sarah won the challenge with the best tattoo she’s done in the competition so far – which was absolutely incredible.  Jessie and Sebastian ended up in the bottom two and Jessie was quick to through Sebastian under the bus, which angered Sebastian causing him to fight back.  Even though Jessie has won a bunch of challenges throughout the competition, this challenge ended his time on the show and he was sent packing.

Do you think that Jessie should have been sent home or do you feel that it should’ve been Sebastian? Leave us your thoughts in the comment box below.

Photo: Spike TV

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