Big Brother Canada 9 live feed spoilers: Nominees, Veto players

Victoria WoghirenToday is going to be an interesting one in the Big Brother Canada 9 house, especially with things being as messy as they are.

So what do we know for the time being? Victoria is the Head of Household, and she has made it a priority to try and get Latoya out of the game. It’s why she is on the block opposite Kiefer following the nomination ceremony, and things could get dicey if they stay this way. Both of these players are a part of the Sunsetters alliance, and there are nine people voting this week. That means, theoretically, if everyone who is not in the alliance votes together, they can control the vote.

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We’ve seen at least some attempts by the outsiders to work together, but it’s hard given that they don’t know who is necessarily working with who. Victoria knows that Latoya is close with Jed and Tychon, so taking her out at least weakens the two guys. She’s already claimed that she won’t nominate those two as replacement nominees, but Beth is someone she is thinking about throwing up.

The Veto players today are Kiefer, Latoya, Jedson, Tychon, and Austin — and Austin is on slop. We think it benefits Jedson and Tychon to throw the competition and not put a bigger target on themselves, at least if they’re confident they won’t get put up. Otherwise, they may as well try to win. It could be a difficult position for the Sunsetters regardless. This week has been entertaining so far, but Victoria has a habit of over-sharing and information/strategy talk featuring her is now all over the house. We’re not sure she’s put herself in a better position at all with some of what she’s done this week.

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