Is Megan Boone leaving The Blacklist? Why is Liz Keen still missing?

The BlacklistIs Megan Boone leaving The BlacklistWe’ve asked this question many times over the past several weeks, and is Liz Keen missing again tonight?

We won’t be able to answer the aforementioned question in full until episode 10 (entitled “Dr. Laken Perillos”) airs, but we know that the Boone has been MIA on the show since the “Elizabeth Keen” episode saw her departing on a plane alongside Agnes and her new-found ally Skip. She played an integral role on last week’s “The Cyranoid,” but it was through a doppelganger who was acting out her instructions. She nearly got said doppelganger killed trying to keep information from Reddington.

So what is going on here? We try to explain some of the top theories out there in the video below! Once you do watch them, remember to subscribe to Matt & Jess on YouTube! We’ll have a new video there after tonight’s episode airs.

As we explain in the video, there is no concrete evidence that suggests that Boone is leaving the show, whether it be now or later on this season. While an exit is always possible, it would be extremely odd for the actress to never appear again at this point. We’re still in the middle of Liz’s story, which suggests to us that the writers are planning some sort of epic return. Liz has already said that the primary reason she is staying away from Reddington is “control” — she does not want him to have the upper hand over her, and she knows that time with her is the very thing that he wants. If she doesn’t appear tonight, this is her way of reinforcing that control.

While we understand some of Liz’s motives, we do hope Megan turns back up very soon — at the core of The Blacklist is the Liz/Reddington relationship, so it is strange to see one of them without the other. Given that tonight’s episode is the final one before a hiatus, it would be nice to see her at least somewhere during it.

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Do you think that Megan Boone is leaving The Blacklist? When do you want Liz back?

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