Is Giacomo Gianniotti leaving Grey’s Anatomy; is Andrew DeLuca dead?

DeLucaIs Giacomo Gianniotti leaving Grey’s Anatomyand should we be worried that the character of Andrew DeLuca could die? Entering tonight’s episode there was a serious reason for concern, and it has a lot to do with the Station 19 crossover.

At the end of the firefighter drama tonight, we saw DeLuca stabbed as he attempted, alongside his sister Carina, to stop those responsible for the trafficking operation. While some of his efforts were fruitful, he also ended up getting stabbed in the process.

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So will DeLuca survive? Tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy should give us that answer — we at least know that he was still breathing at the end of Station 19, and was being transported over to the Grey Sloan with his sister at his side. It’s a tough go of things at the hospital right now, given that they are still dealing with the virus and then also of course Meredith. DeLuca loves her, and unfortunately she’s on a ventilator and there’s no clear timetable for when she will start to recover.

As for this reveal coming in Station 19 rather than the flagship show … yea, it’s a little frustrating.

We’ll have updates as this story continues — stay tuned! We certainly don’t want to see Giacomo go anywhere, as he’s been a huge part of the show over the past couple of years.

Update (HUGE spoilers from Grey’s within): It’s starting to see like DeLuca is getting out of the woods. Good news, right? Well … he wasn’t out of the woods. The end of this episode featured what seemed to be the sad death of this character. He embraced his mother on the beach, said goodbye to Meredith, and he flatlined. That was it, and the tears now flow. This is hard to accept, to say the least.

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What did you think is going to happen with Andrew DeLuca on Grey’s Anatomy tonight?

Do you think that the character sill make it through in one piece? Be sure to let us know in the comments! Once you check that out, remember to also stick around — there are some other updates coming and we don’t want you to miss them. (Photo: ABC.)

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