The Crown season 6 will not discuss Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

Crown season 3Last night’s Oprah Winfrey special featuring Prince Harry and Meghan Markle generated huge headlines — not to mention a ton of viewers. More than 17 million people watched the special on CBS live this past week.

Of course, with that sort of viewership comes a wide array of different memes and jokes. What’s one of the biggest ones? The idea that this entire Harry/Meghan saga will make for a spectacular storyline on The Crown season 6. A lot of these comments are made in jest, so we don’t want to come on here and dump a bunch of cold water on everyone.

With that being said, though, it is important to note that The Crown won’t get anywhere close to documenting this relationship in their final season. Speaking at the end of last year to The Hollywood Reporter, show executive producer Peter Morgan noted that he does not like to document events that are too close in the rear-view mirror:

“I just think you get so much more interesting [with the passage of time]. I’m much more comfortable writing about things that happened at least 20 years ago.

“Meghan and Harry are in the middle of their journey, and I don’t know what their journey is or how it will end … I sort of have in my head a 20-year rule. That is enough time and enough distance to really understand something, to understand its role, to understand its position, to understand its relevance. Often things that appear absolutely wildly important today are instantly forgotten, and other things have a habit of sticking around and proving to be historically very relevant and long-lasting.”

We know that there is plenty of material from the end of the 20th century that The Crown could choose to document, and in general we imagine that Princess Diana’s death will be an enormous focus. There are some chilling parallels when it comes to press treatment that can be applied to present-day, and that may be where some of the comparisons will lie.

Is it possible someone will tell a larger fictional story on Harry and Meghan? Sure, but using Morgan’s rules you will be waiting for a really long time.

Do you think that it’s the right move to not focus on Harry and Meghan in The Crown?

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