The Blacklist: Is Megan Boone leaving? Is Liz Keen gone for good?

The BlacklistTonight we’ve got a new episode of The Blacklist on NBC entitled “The Cyranoid,” — but will Megan Boone and Liz Keen be a part of it? We haven’t seen the character around for a good while, so we understand there being all sorts of questions about what the future holds.

If you saw the promos in advance for this episode, then you know already that Liz is seemingly featured as Reddington and the Task Force are coming at her. Encouraging, no? Well, the twist here is that you don’t actually see the character’s face at any point in here.

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If Megan is actually in this episode, then maybe that will serve as a way to quiet a lot of the people who are freaking out in regards to her whereabouts. The actress has not addressed her absence on the show as of late, but we haven’t heard anything that suggests that she’ll be gone for good. The importance of Liz to this story is beyond measure! From the very beginning, The Blacklist has been about the back-and-forth between these two characters.

If she’s not actually in this episode (remember, doppelgangers were hinted at in the promo), then the questions will continue for a little while longer. We know that this show does love a good mystery and suspense; remember that we’ve spent the better part of the past several years wondering about what’s going to happen in regards to revealing Reddington’s identity. They love to dangle these carrots, and hopefully, at the end of them we get some sort of eventual result.

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What do you want to see happen with Megan Boone on The Blacklist moving forward?

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