‘Teen Mom 2’ review: Jenelle gets her life in order, Leah dates Jeremy

Teen Mom 2When it comes to the ladies of “Teen Mom 2” they seem to really be trying to get their lives in order, especially when it comes to school – even Jenelle claims that she was going to kick pot to the curb and get her life on track, but did anyone actually follow through with their plans this week? Let’s recap.

First we’ll start off with Chelsea: She has been trying to study for her GED, but the stress of her broken relationship with Adam is weighing on her mind, so she goes over to her father’s house to blame him for breaking them up.  She tells him that he’s way too involved in their relationship (two episodes back, her father not only made Adam move out of Chelsea’s house but sat on her couch until every last thing was moved out), and they get into another argument over Adam.  Later Adam tells his tattoo artist that he’s over Chelsea and her father’s drama and that he’s loving the single life. Finally the day comes for Chelsea to take her GED test, but she can’t get out of bed because she’s too upset over what’s happened with Adam. Oh yeah and she decided during this mess that she needed to get a brand new puppy, because puppies make everything way better – especially when they are eating your shoes and peeing on your floor.

Now we’ll move onto Jenelle: She is getting ready to spend 45 days in jail for violating her probation.  She has decided to finally stop smoking pot and get her life in order and makes a deal with Tori to try to help her stop. Jenelle writes a letter to her probation officer saying that being in jail was a wake up call and that she is going to do whatever it takes to make things right. It was her son’s second birthday, so Jenelle and her mom spent the day with Jace and she said that being with him helped curb her urge to smoke. Later Jenelle’s lawyer calls her to tell her that the probation officer really liked her letter and said that if Jenelle stays on her best behavior they will do everything they can to keep her on probation.

Let’s check in on Leah: After spending some time chatting up Jeremy on Facebook, he gives her his number, but she’s nervous about going out with him because she knows that she gets very serious about guys rather quickly. Eventually Leah folds and contacts Jeremy and they go on a go kart date. Later the conversation turns serious as Leah asks about his work and family priorities and Jeremy assures her that he’s home every weekend from working on the pipeline. Leah is still focused on college, but finds her first day of school difficult when her mind is focused on how much she missed her kids. When she gets home from school there is a bouquet of flowers waiting for her from Jeremy.

Lastly we’ll see what’s happening with Kailyn: When she meets up with her friend, she tells them that she’s over Jordan, but doesn’t want to be single either. When she talks to Jordan on the phone she tells him everything she’s feeling about the relationship and that he needs to trust her more. He tells her that he does trust her, but finds some of the things she does a little shady. They decided to go on a break, but when they later meet up to talk about their relationship, Kailyn finds herself stood up by him as he is busy hanging out with someone else.

What did you think of this episode of “Teen Mom 2”? Are you happy to see the ladies trying  to get their lives in order or do you miss the drama? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

Photo: MTV

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