‘Dexter’ season 7 finale spoilers: How do you solve a problem like Maria?

DexterAt the end of just about every season of “Dexter,” we have seen our leading man in a situation that seems impossible for him to get out of. We don’t know how it is possible, but this time around Dex has managed to get himself in a position that is worse than all of the past ones combined. We have no idea how the man is going to be able to get himself out of his current mess, especially since he has LaGuerta breathing down his neck and his sister Deb has also been thrown into the fire.

So where should Michael C. Hall’s character go from here? For the first time ever, Harry tells him in the sneak peek from the season 7 finale below to take Deb with him and go on the run. So long as the captain is alive, especially after the dirty trick that she played in order to ensure that she would have Dexter right where she wanted him, she is never going to let him go. This is where the debate lies: how do you solve a problem like Maria? (Not quite sure this is what “The Sound of Music Had in Mind.”)

We know that Harry is not exactly going to appreciate the idea of Dexter killing someone in law enforcement, even if it is someone with as sketch of dealings as LaGuerta. However, we’ve also learned that the idea of the “code” and the “dark passenger” are starting to go out the window. This is all about survival of the fittest at this point, and if Dexter can find a way to kill Maria and not have any evidence tracing back to him, he will likely find a way to make it happen. (His best course of action could be to try to stage a suicide, where she is distressed over the fact that Doakes “truly is” the Bay Harbor Butcher.)

If you want to listen to what Hall has to say about the finale in a recent podcast for the show, you can do so over at the link here.

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