Blue Bloods season 11 episode 8 spoilers: Danny, Baez hit the beach

Blue Bloods season 11

Blue Bloods season 11 episode 8 may still be a little more than a week away, but we at least have more news on what’s ahead!

Take, for example, the photo above! Danny and Baez are arriving at the beach, but this feels like anything but a relaxing getaway for the two of them. They’re instead working on a case, and a dead body is going be present on the shore. What’s going on here? According to the synopsis for “More Than Meets the Eye,” this may be connected to the serial killer that held Donnie Wahlberg and Marisa Ramirez’s characters hostage earlier on this season. This isn’t just some story that exists on an island by itself; it is tied to a number of other things that you’ve had a chance to see.

So how will Danny and Baez take this on? In terms of their jobs, they’ll probably be as thorough and determined as they’ve always been. Yet, there is no denying that there is a far more personal connection to what they’re dealing with than anything we’ve seen from them as of late. Remember that they were in serious danger when they were trapped — Baez’s life was on the line! This is not going to be something that they can separate from themselves.

We are prepared for a lot of emotions at the heart of this episode from both characters — but we’ll also just admit that we’re glad to see a change in setting for the two. Due to the health crisis, we haven’t exactly seen a lot of different locations this season; we’ll take anything that stands out a little from the rest of the pack.

What are you most hoping for when it comes to Blue Bloods season 11 episode 8?

Is there anything that you are especially excited for? Let us know your early thoughts and hopes in the comments, and remember to also stick around — there are some more updates coming that you don’t want to miss.

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This article was written by Jessica Carter.

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