Ink Master season 14: Is a revival coming to Paramount+ service?

Ink Master season 12 episode 6One of the bigger reality TV surprises over the past several months was the cancellation of Ink Master at Paramount Network. This show was a hit franchise dating all the way back to the days of Spike TV, and we almost thought it would be on the air for another decade.

So is there a chance that the show could actually come back, though now on the Paramount+ streaming service? It looks as though there’s a chance of it. According to a report from Deadline, there are currently plans to revive the Ink Master format, though what a season 14 looks like remains to be seen.

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It is fair to expect that a new Ink Master would see a whole host of changes in the event that it comes back. Remember that Paramount cut ties with Oliver Peck back during the most-recent airing of the show, and there’s a chance that there could be other changes to some of the on-air talent. Would the show air weekly, and how many artists would have a chance to compete? Would the same studio be used?

If we were the producers of Ink Master, we would take advantage of the revival to try and update the show as best as possible. Honor the artwork in the original, but also push the envelope. We do think that viewers will watch it, or at least they will in the event they are aware of it coming back. The challenge with a new streaming service is simply finding a way to ensure you can grab an audience, and in this case, that Ink Master fans will pay for something that they previously got as a part of their cable package.

What do you think about the idea of an Ink Master season 14 revival?

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