Tough as Nails season 2: Why did Mikey ‘Eyebrows’ leave?

EyebrowsTonight on Tough as Nails season 2, we had a number of surprises — with the exit of Mikey “Eyebrows” being one of the big ones. So what happened? Why did he go?

One of the most interesting things about this departure on Wednesday was the simple fact that the show never quite specified the reason for his departure. That of course leads to speculation, and we’ve heard a lot of it already. Eyebrows joins Tara as contestants who have departed this season — we know that her exit has to do with an injury situation. Our feeling is that if Eyebrows departed due to injury, the show probably would have specified that or given him more of a send-off. For the sake of privacy, we don’t want to dive too much further unless there is some sort of official comment from production.

What makes these departures notable is that they come on a show where in theory, the entire cast is supposed to be around for the whole season. They participate in team challenges together in addition to the individual tasks. The show will move on, and we just have a slightly different makeup for the teams than what we had previously. The big difference between Tara and Eyebrows is that the latter was still technically a part of the individual competition — he hadn’t been eliminated for that yet.

Is it possible that Eyebrows or Tara returns down the road? We’ll have to wait and see on that, but for the time being, we’re moving forward thinking that they’re gone. Given the health crisis, we would imagine that they would have to re-quarantine and go through all sorts of procedures if they actually left the production bubble that this show is more than likely in. Most shows these days are taking as many precautions as possible in order to ensure safety.

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