‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 8, episode 10 review: Robin’s intervention

Neil Patrick Harris, Cobie Smulders“How I Met Your Mother” season 8 has been the story of Barney and Robin more so than the story of Ted, and this continued Monday night for an episode called “The Over-Correction” that was really about one hilarious part of the story yet: Robin getting so paranoid about Barney’s intentions for dating Patrice that she decided to try and sabotage it. With that, she also ended up locking herself in Barney’s closet while he tried to go on a romantic date with his new love interest.

As if this could not get any more hilarious, every single character save for Marshall at one point ended up stuck within the confines of this same apartment. Ted ended up showing up to help Robin try to expose Barney’s playbook to Patrice, but ended up getting distracted by all of the stuff that Barney has “borrowed” from his over the years. Meanwhile, Lily has just been secretly using the place to get together Marvin’s milk.

The biggest step Barney made during this relationship was also proof that he was not so much interested in just trying to trick Robin into making her jealous: he burned the playbook, which is mostly sad for us in that we are not going to be seeing any more of his tricks. “Everyone deserves to be happy.” This is the line that he uttered in the closing minutes of the episode, and it led to the gang staging an intervention for Robin. What for? We have a feeling it revolves around getting her to just admit her feelings, already.

Away from Barney and Robin, the only other storyline from the week was a childish (but funny) one where Marshall’s mom and Lily’s dad started to hook up, which caused Jason Segel’s character to turn into a sobbing mess as if he was a five-year old jealous child. Considering that he is a little bit of a mama’s boy, this story lost its legs a little bit faster, and we were glad to see it be more of a secondary plot.

Overall, this was a funny half-hour, but more importantly than that it brought us to an episode next week that could mark the beginning of Barney and Robin’s true future together … at least if Robin starts to look at her love life like a sane person.

What did you think about this episode? If you want to check out some more news when it comes to what is coming up for Marshall and Lily next week, be sure to head on over to the link here.

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