‘Dexter’ season 7 reaction: Michael C. Hall sets up finale, talks episode 11

DexterJust in case watching the promo for the upcoming “Dexter” season 7 finale was not enough just yet to get you excited, we now have something else rather exciting to share: a new, lengthy, and seriously informative interview to share featuring show writer / producer Scott Reynolds and star Michael C. Hall. This is a part of the wonderfully-named “Dexter Wrap-Up” podcast that Reynolds has been doing all season long, and the end of it also features an interview with showrunner Scott Buck.

Since this podcast clocks in at just under an hour, there is really far too much information in here than we could ever hope to share within the span of a single article. Hall talks a great deal about the progression of the character, about how Dexter in some ways is dealing with a conscience now that his secret is out (at least to Deb), and how Hannah actually made him want to look forward to his future during the most-recent episode airing Sunday night.

In alluding to the season as a whole (including Sunday’s final episode of 2013), Hall said one thing that he has really appreciated is seeing Dexter’s story return back to its roots with the reintroduction with many old characters and themes:

“It’s been very satisfying, a sense of coming full-circle and drawing back on everything we have done to this point … I’m excited to see how it all goes down, but it nice to be at a place where they can fall and shatter on the floor.”

The writers are already at work on the final season of the show, with production set to begin at some point in early 2013 based on some recent reports. It’s hard to really say anything else about season 8 at the moment, though, largely due to the fact that so much of it will be dictated by who survives and is out of prison at the end of Sunday night.

If you want to see some more from the “Dexter” finale at this point, be sure to head over to the link here.

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