The Blacklist season 8 episode 8 spoilers: Reddington, Cooper meet up

The BlacklistAs we prepare for The Blacklist season 8 episode 8 on NBC this coming Friday, it’s clear that Harold Cooper is in jeopardy. The “Man From the East” who Reddington has been meeting up with is not guaranteeing his safety. Meanwhile, we know that Cooper unlocked the drive using Reddington’s fingerprint.

What we’re getting at right now is rather simple: It’s clear that Cooper has his suspicions about James Spader’s character working with Russia. He recognizes that there’s something larger going on here. Now, what is he going to do about it? Meanwhile, will Reddington actually listen to the Friend from the East?

The photo above showcases a meeting between Reddington and the Task Force Director, and we already picture this as some sort of elaborate chess game. Both of these men have important information on each other, but will either one of them share it? Odds are, they’ll be trying to feel each other out without tipping off their positions. They are both highly intelligent, and have known each other a long time.

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If you were to ask us, our personal opinion is that by no means will Reddington ever kill Cooper. It just doesn’t feel like his MO. Would he act as though he’s about to? Maybe. If he wants to keep playing whatever game he is with Russia (providing he’s play a game), he may have to look as though he’s trying to do his job. This could be an episode where he’s forced to pick a side … or at least act like he is. For Harry Lennix and Spader, this could be one of their better opportunities to chew the scenery.

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