Lucifer season 6 episode 9: A behind-the-scenes change

LuciferIf you did not know already, Lucifer season 6 episode 9 is near the end of the show’s entire run. There are ten episodes set for the final season, and each one of them should serve as elements of closure in some shape or form.

The cast and crew now are getting pretty close to the end — DB Woodside’s already been in the director’s chair for episode 8 of the final season, and now there’s been a change behind the scenes for nine. In a post on Twitter, Chris Rafferty confirmed that original 6×09 director Karen Gaviola is not going to be able to direct due to scheduling changes. Now, cast member Kevin Alejandro is stepping back into the chair. This is an episode entitled “Goodbye, Lucifer,” and that alone may send a lot of people out there into a panic. Does this mean that Lucifer Morningstar says a farewell to everyone before the series finale? We wouldn’t go that far — most titles for this show come from dialogue, and this could be totally out-of-context and a means to trip us all up.

Yet, with this being the final season, you have to imagine that the writers want to make us emotional at just about every turn. Why wouldn’t they want that with an ending this important?

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It remains to be seen when Lucifer season 6 is going to premiere — heck, it remains to be seen when the second half of season 5 will premiere! We honestly thought we’d have a date for 5B by now; the ball is in Netflix’s court on that one.

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What do you want to see on Lucifer season 6, and the series finale at the tail end?

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