Is Perdita Weeks leaving Magnum PI? Higgins’ life-or-death battle

Magnum PIIs Perdita Weeks leaving Magnum PIIf you find yourself asking that question entering tonight’s new episode, we don’t blame you. The writers clearly want you to be worried about the Juliet Higgins character, as she is being captured early on in the episode. Why is that? It all seemingly stems from an early case Magnum took upon his arrival to Hawaii. Someone wants to retaliate on him, and they will do more or less whatever they can to make sure he feels pain.

Of course, there are few people that they could go after that would hurt him more than Higgins. Regardless of whether or not Magnum has romantic feelings for her (a key topic of debate among many fans), we know that he cares for her. They work together and spend plenty of time away from work together. They are friends and look out for each other.

The good news that we can give you prior to this episode airing is that there is zero evidence out there that Weeks is leaving the show. We think that killing off Higgins at this point would be a pretty unceremonious exit for someone who was an original cast member for this show; also, there’s such a legacy here thanks to the original Higgins from the original Tom Selleck series. It’s certainly possible that Thomas and his friends will find a way to save her; meanwhile, it’s equally possible that Higgins finds a way to save herself, given that she is more than capable of it.

Rest assured, we will be back later tonight to chart everything that happens within this episode; we’re hoping that it is one of the biggest hours of the season.

Update: To the surprise of no one, Higgins made it out alive! It was a little touch-and-go at times, but that scene where she ran to Magnum at the end was super endearing.

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What do you think is going to happen to Higgins on tonight’s Magnum PI?

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