Your Honor season 2: How could the story continue on Showtime?

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At the moment, there is still no confirmation that a Your Honor season 2 will happen at Showtime. We know that we’d like to see it, but there’s no guarantee that we will. As a matter of fact, it feels unlikely. We’ve spelled out some of the reasons for that already, whether it be the limited-series billing or the fact that you would need both the producers, Bryan Cranston, and Showtime coming together in order to make more.

Now that we’ve said all of that … there is a case to be made for another season that would look interesting. All of it revolves around what happened in the closing minutes.

It would make sense that you’d call the final season a variation on karma. We saw what Adam did at the start of the series, and all of the destruction Michael caused in order to protect him. Seeing Adam shot by Eugene’s hand, and on accident, was a jaw-dropping reveal that will probably serve as one of the most memorable moments of the calendar year. It’s certainly something that we will remember, and it defines whatever the future is for Cranston’s character.

In our mind, there are two different directions that Michael can go. One school of thought here is that he recognizes how all of his actions led to this moment. He actually learns from this and tries to undo some of the damage that he did. But, is he really going to be capable of it? Can someone like him really find a way out? We’re not sure of the answer to that right now.

Another way to look at things is this: Michael grows angry and vengeful over what happened, and decides as a result of this to descend further into the muck. We see a character untethered, someone who does look more like “The Danger” we saw on Breaking Bad. Of course, it wouldn’t be quite the same as Walter White — this is someone with a position of public power. He could cause all sorts of chaos, but in a totally different way.

How do you think a Your Honor season 2 could play out?

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