‘Dexter’ season 7, episode 11 review: A Deb debate and the road to the finale

Dexter and Debra MorganDebra Morgan said that she would do whatever it takes to ensure that Hannah McKay would not be able to harm her brother … so does this mean that she would go so far as to cause her own car accident?

Sunday night’s penultimate episode of “Dexter” season 7 was, almost without a doubt, the best work the show has put in front of us in years. Not since season 4 has there been a finale with so much on the line, and so many intricate stories in play. Plus, this hour did a great job disposing of the stories no one cares about (the gentleman’s club and Quinn) only to leave the goods (Dexter, Deb, Hannah, and LaGuerta) for the finale. While we could start this review off by talking about the Bay Harbor Butcher case, Hannah’s supposed “poisoning” of Deb with anti-anxiety medication seems to be the appropriate place to start.

We don’t see it often on “Dexter,” but we may have finally seen a case this week of someone actually being smarter than him. Is it possible that Hannah is the guilty party here? Sure, but as she said herself, she’s never made a mistake before and left someone alive. Why start now, and why poison someone when the consequences would take away the one person you love?

While her character has always been a little too flat, the pain in Yvonne Strahovski’s eyes this week as Deb arrested Hannah for Sal Price’s murder, a move orchestrated by Dexter himself, was a stunning sight. Deb has admitted to loving her adopted brother beyond just normal levels, so the motive is there out of jealousy alone (consciously or unconsciously) to want to take out the other woman in his life. Based on all of the evidence, this is the theory we’re going with … and hopefully we’ll find out an answer to it soon.

As for the Butcher storyline, it was a case of LaGuerta almost being as smart as Deb. Even though she is being motivated more by emotion that the presence of the facts, her determination to take down Dexter is actually guided in the right direction. Her plan to use the last man responsible for killing his mother as bait was also almost perfect, even down to the last detail. Dexter was so arrogant that no one could ever figure him out that he did not even hesitate when getting a tip on the parole hearing, and he also believed Matthews’ claims that the captain was finally going to leave him alone. “Almost,” as you know, only counts in horseshoes and well, the rest is obvious.

Sadly for Dexter, LaGuerta still got something rather substantial out of this in that he was not really able to leave the scene of the set-up without some testimony getting thrown in his direction … and his challenge now is a difficult one. If he kills Maria, it is going to be obvious that he is the culprit, given what Matthews and others know about her investigation. If he runs, it also doesn’t look good. The only real possible solution here is that he either finds a way to implicate LaGuerta in something, prove that she is a crazy person, or at least manages to get her stripped of the badge. We’re completely invested no matter what happens, and all we hope is that we have some answers faster than Doakes can say “surprise, motherf–ker.”

Do you think that Deb poisoned herself, or are you still of the belief that Hannah is guilty? If you want to read the latest “Dexter” finale spoilers, you can do so over here.

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