Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Second impeachment, next pandemic

Last Week TonightThe premiere of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver was a long time coming, and the host wasted no time getting in on recent events. Think in terms of the Capitol insurrection, problematic state Republican parties, and then also the filibuster and the complicated debates over whether or not it could be eliminated.

So yes, Oliver did his best to dive into a lot of different subjects within the first ten minutes of the show. Let’s be honest: There was no way that he would ever be able to get all of the necessary content in here.

For the main story tonight, Oliver focused on pandemics — but a little bit differently than you would expect. He wasn’t talking about the current pandemic; instead, the focus was more so on the next one. What can be done in order to prepare for it? What lessons could we potentially learn from this? There are some other dangerous diseases that could be out there, and it is hard in order to know when the next one could happen. There have also been more and more outbreaks over the past several decades.

Was this the most pleasant opening to a season in Last Week Tonight history? Not exactly, but talking about bleak events in the world is kind of his M.O. John has a rare ability to take some of these subjects, difficult as they may be, and then add a little bit of levity to them. He also presents facts in a way that you wouldn’t listen almost anywhere else.

In the end, we would label this by and large a successful premiere — we laughed, but more than anything we were just reminded of how much we missed Oliver during some of his time away. This was a long hiatus; we’re personally more than glad it’s over.

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