‘Glee’ season 4 song spoilers: Let’s celebrate Hanukkah!

Mark SallingConsidering that we are still in the early stages of Hanukkah, it only seems appropriate to share the latest song from “Glee’s” upcoming “Glee, Actually” episode that does a nice job of reminding us that there are some other holidays represented on TV at the moment other than Christmas.

It should be pretty obvious from the get-go that the two characters that would be performing “Hanukkah O Hanukkah” would be two of the only people on the show with any sort of Jewish roots: Noah and Jake Puckerman. (The only other option is Rachel Berry, and she is off in New York City.) We know that this performance will be airing as a part of the episode, so we are already infinitely curious as to how this somehow manages to work its way in to the story. Did someone ask these two what it means to be Jewish, or are these guys using the holiday as a way to find common ground with each other? It makes sense, given how little of a relationship that they have.

Puck’s storyline for the year thus far has been largely nonexistent, save for the fact that he advises his little half-brother while also working as some sort of ridiculous self-created (and thus licensing fee-free) superhero on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We’re hoping this changes given how much we like the character, but it may also be admittedly tough given that Ryan Murphy obviously wants to showcase the guy following his dreams … even though that causes him to be separated from the rest of the gang.

What do you think about this Hanukkah performance? If you want to watch another sneak peek for “Glee, Actually” featuring none other than Chris Colfer, be sure to head on over to the link here.

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