Is Megan Boone leaving The Blacklist? Where is Liz Keen tonight?

The BlacklistWhere is Liz Keen on The Blacklist tonight? Are we starting to get evidence that Megan Boone is leaving her longtime show? At this point, we understand why you’re confused. We have yet to see her in tonight’s episode (as of this writing), and there is no guarantee she’ll show up the rest of the way.

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If Liz does not appear during the big Glen tribute, this will make it the second straight episode in which she is missing in action. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this on the NBC series, but the circumstances are absolutely different. Liz isn’t faking her death as we saw during season 3; instead, she’s departed the Task Force and she’s off somewhere, plotting her next attempt at killing Reddington. We don’t know what she’s up to, let alone when her next strike will be.

This is where we reiterate what we said last week after Boone was absent: Liz being gone does not mean she is leaving forever. As a matter of fact, when she comes back it will probably be a more dramatic appearance than ever before. There is zero evidence Megan is departing the show, so don’t worry about that.

Remember this instead: The Blacklist has allowed some of its Big Bad characters in the past to go MIA while they regroup. We saw this with Mr. Kaplan back in season 4, and we certainly saw it with Katarina Rostova back in season 7.

So we’ll keep our eyes peeled for when Liz returns — and to see how much some of her time away has changed her.

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